November 25, 2013

MECCA ENTERPRISES GROUP Proudly announces that RANIERI INTERNATIONAL has teamed up with MECCA MARINE and most boats will soon be on display at MECCA MARINE | Ride the Waves with MECCA: 6 Floors of Display.

Special RANIERI BOATS in MALTA Powered by MERCURY PACKAGE DEALS will be offered!
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The trademark Ranieri was born by the end of the sixties. The business is managed by the eldest of the brothers Ranieri, Pietro, who started with the sale and assistance service of boat engines and boats. Thanks to his talent and passion and thanks to his brothers' collaboration he created real masterpieces.

At he end of the seventies his business led to the creation of the MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI S.R.L. the first association of the group RANIERI.
Today its principal activity is the manufacture and sale of pleasure boats in fibreglass .
Because of the generation change today the protagonists of the Motonautica F.lli Ranieri S.R.L, are Pietro Ranieri together with his sons Salvatore and Antonio. The younger generation takes care of the sale and administrative part, assisted by experts.

The founder Pietro Ranieri personally takes care of every step of the production process and thanks to him
Motonautica F.lli Ranieri is well -known on the market as a leader enterprise capable of creating high quality
boats and technological innovations. Being a family business they pay a particular attention to details.
The union of technical philosophy and working experience, result of a lifelong experience in the shipyard field,
allowed them to realise a winning product, which beside is speed and manageability has reached high
levels of reliability, structural robustness but most of all comfort. The MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI selects the
best materials coming from all over the world thanks to an organised purchase centre directly managed by Pietro
Ranieri. The choice of the materials and the studies carried out by the enterprise on every material used in the
productive cycle, guarantee the market a product of an excellent quality.
The secret of their success lies in the union of this family. Father Pietro Ranieri and his sons Salvatore and
Antonio work together in absolute harmony to create pleasure boats of utmost quality, that make everybody dream. 


For more information re RANIERI BOATS in MALTA, please feel free to contact our sales team:
MECCA MARINE, 474, St Paul's Sr., St Paul's Bay Tel: 21573278 | 79732783 |

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