October 06, 2013

Mr Alessandro Conti, President of MERCURY ITALIA launched the full range of MERCURY DIESEL INBOARD ENGINES.
QSD 2.0Ltr
QSD 2.8Ltr
QSD 4.2Ltr

SDI / TDI 1.9Ltr
TDI 3.0Ltr
TDI 4.2ltr

Today's commercial and recreational boaters have high expectations from every aspect of their vessel's performance. Mercury Diesel exceeds those expectations by redefining the diesel power experience. Through innovation, Mercury engines are able to provide increased power-to-weight ratios, cleaner starts and less noise. Gone is the smoke and odor often associated with diesel engines. With quiet, effortless startups and impressive acceleration, our engines contribute to a superior boating experience.

Mercury Diesel QSD common rail or electronic injection fuel systems provide increased power-to-weight ratios, cleaner starts and less noise for a superior boating experience. The QSD line of engines are built lightweight, compact and provide increased power for impressive acceleration, throttle response and quicker planing times.

Mercury Diesel QSD engines are compatible with SmartCraft electronics, SeaCore corrosion protection, Axius joystick control systems and Mercury's effortless Digital Throttle & Shift systems.

Engine Overview

• Expect superior performance and quick response from this compact, robust design
• Enhanced fuel economy delivered by the full-authority electronic engine control
• Quiet, smooth performance and enhanced sociability produced from the proven High- Pressure Common-Rail fuel system
• Maximise vessel performance and access comprehensive vessel diagnostic information via SmartCraft® electronics


Fuel System: Bosch Common-Rail (CRS 2.0); Integrated WIF sensor in secondary fuel filter
Lubrication System: Cast aluminium oil pan 
Electrical System: 12 Volt system
Coolant System: Sea Water Aftercooled; Heat Exchanger only
Emissions: EPA Tier 2, IMO, RCD certified, BSO/SAV (select ratings)

Tailor a propulsion package based on budget and needs:

QSD4.2 270 & 320 available with Bravo 1X, 2X, 3X & 3XR drives

QSD4.2 350 available with Bravo 1XR, Bravo 2XR and Bravo 3XR drives and optional Digital Throttle and Shift (DTS) for improved performance and smooth handling (Premium)

QSD4.2 270, 320 and 350 available for inboard applications with ZF63 A & ZF63 IV mechanical shift gears or DTS with optional trolling valve.


Mercury Diesel TDI engines provide an automotive-like quality and reliability and are backed by Mercury's ultimate global service network.

Exceptional torque at low engine speeds provides excellent acceleration and a reduction in time to plane.

Mercury's TDI engines are lightweight, compact and lead the industry in horsepower to weight ratio.

Engine Overview

• Unmatched performance from an engine that
powers exclusive, power-oriented vehicles like the
AUDI® Q7® and A8® packaged in a propulsion
system designed specifically for marine applications
• Excellent acceleration enabled by exceptional
torque at low engine speeds reduces time to plane
• Fuel savings versus gasoline options will approach
50 percent in many cases, extending range
• High power engine allows replacement of big block
gasoline V-8 without sacrifice in acceleration or top
• Peace of mind is delivered by the Mercury global
service network
• Industry-leading horsepower to weight ratio


Fuel System: TDI technology with common rail fuel
injection system provides precise fuel control, nearly
eliminating the traditional noisy sound associated
with diesels, producing exceptional fuel economy
and nearly no smoke or smell.
Electrical System: 12 Volt
Alternator: 120 A
Coolant System: Thermostatically controlled,
closed coolant engine, providing the ultimate
in engine corrosion resistance, complete waterjacketed
turbo chargers and exhaust system,
reducing excessive engine compartment
temperatures, water-cooled engine oil, gear oil and
steering fluid, if applicable, extending the life of
these systems.
Emissions: EPA Tier 2, IMO Tier II, and RCD certified

Available Accessories

Instrumentation: Analog gauges provide data on engine
speed, oil pressure, battery voltage and coolant
temperature. Drive trim for sterndrive applications.
Drive Capability: TDI 4.2 is available with Bravo One,
Bravo Two and Bravo Three XR sterndrives or ZF
inboard transmissions.

For more information contact our sales team: or 79732781

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