In 1968, using only the will to create and progress, and his love for the big blue sea as capital, Nikos Farazis built the first boat for the company that was later to become Drago Boats S.A. Since then, approximately 27,000 Drago boats have been cruising the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and many rivers and lakes of continental Europe offering enjoyable and carefree times to their owners. In 1978, when Drago became an S.A. company, it slowly began to prosper financially and to set its own course in the fiberglass pleasure boat field. Love and respect for the sea, staff training, continuous improvement in the quality of its products, innovation, and dealing conscientiously with customer requirements are qualities that have helped Drago become one of the leaders in the European light shipbuilding industry. Today Drago has 22 branches and 60 distribution centers in almost all European countries. The range of the boat production includes boats from 5m up to 8m, which constitute the 3 lines of the production : Yacht line, fishing line, sport line.



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