Umbra Rimorchi was founded in 1976 by three partners that started producing trailers and tow bars for cars, after more than 30 years Umbra Rimorchi has today only one owner and is now a market leader. Its products, a range of trailers and tow bars for every model of car and commercial vehicle, are sold everywhere in Italy and now we are exporting more and more, in Europe and in the rest of the world. Umbra Rimorchi was the first Italian company to be quality Iso 9001 certified in this field. The constant improvement of the company's manufacturing process and the innovation in terms of products is the key of our success. The market is challenging for us and we focus therefore everyday on innovation and information technology. Umbra Rimorchi uses the most up-to-date technologies to design using Cad precision drawing and solid modeling. The structure of every product is then verified, it undergoes analysis of finished elements (FEM models), after this procedure we make prototypes. There is a constant contact between the planning and the production. This is to improve the already existing products and is done by our technicians. Our main goal is to search for new materials and new manufacturing processes without compromising the strength, reliability and safety of the products. Every prototype undergoes severe tests before being manufactured and are produced according to the European regulations. Umbra Rimorchi collaborates with some important research centres in order to find new ways for a high quality of the design, production and marketing costs. Our plant is in the industrial zone of Perugia, not far away from Rome and Florence, near the airport and easy to find.