15ft MAXXON RIB 430 + Console & Seat Powered by Mercury

Brand: Maxxon
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The new model from MAXXON is designed for more rugged Use: diving & Fishing Activities, Ideal for Fishfarms and more! The standard tall console incorporates screen, grab rail, and front seat is able to be located in a variety of positions forward and aft with the double skinned floor fitted with a channel to take fuel, steering and cabling from engine to console and locker. The front seat is trimmed as standard in plush UV stable fabric with reflective piping this also allows access to the inside of the console as the seat opens backward on cast hinges giving access to storage and ‘out of the way’ fuel tank location – meaning you get the advantage of the maximum uncluttered deck area on the RIB. The deck is also neatly textured to give an attractive white non slip surface to the deck, and is designed in a way so that dirt cannot get ingrained in it. Multiple Grab handles around the RIB mean you always find a safe handhold and that is it easy to board the boat from the water with matching handles on the outside and inside of the tubes. MAXXON INFLATABLE CRAFTS in MALTA are Powered by MERCURY

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15ft MAXXON RIB 430 + Console & Seat Powered by Mercury
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