7ft6 MAXXON 230 V Hull SPORT

Brand: Maxxon
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MAXXON SPORT SERIES includes the V Hull MAXXON INFLATABLE CRAFTS from 2.10m (6ft8) to 4.50m (15ft). This range features characteristics: Easy to assemble, practical transport, safety at sea with wooden floor, held by the aluminum spars, which give a greater rigidity and stability to the boat. To live passion for the sea safely and at low prices. All the MAXXON INFLATABLE CRAFTS in the V Hull range are made with a GERMAN MEHLER FABRIC to withstand our Maltese Mediterranean high temperature and UV Rays. Apart from being completely impermeable to water, this material is resistant to scratches and to petrol. The aluminium alloy floor gives the boats particular stability and resistance, while keeping the weight down. The practical nature of this completely foldable product also puts safety at the fore front. Special package deals when powered by MERCURY Outboards.

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7ft6 MAXXON 230 V Hull SPORT
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